London 2012

London 2012 Ceremonies

Piers Shepperd worked as Technical Director for London 2012 Ceremonies. Piers started working as a consultant with the London Olympic Games Organising Committee (LOGOC) in 2006, helping the architects and engineers ensure that the Stadium was designed for the Ceremonies requirements and instigated a large Capital Works program including the cable net used to fly performers and scenery above the FOP. Piers then moved to a full time role with London 2012 Ceremonies as Technical Director for the last two years of the production and oversaw the delivery of four unique and spectacular Ceremonies that wowed the world. Critically acclaimed highlights included: the flown molten Olympic rings, the cauldron and James Bond and the Queen’s parachute stunt.

Jeremy Lloyd worked as the Technical Design and Staging Manager. Ben O’Neill and Andy Bailey worked as CAD Designers for the Technical Division.

Piers, Jeremy, Ben and Andy loved the experience of working together so much on London 2012, that they now all work for Wonder Works.

You can see the Opening Ceremony here: Complete London 2012 Opening Ceremony

The Production Industry has understandably shown much interest in the Ceremonies, resulting in the technical team being invited to make a presentation at PLASA 2012 which can be viewed here: Backstage at the London 2012 Ceremonies

The media were all very keen to get more in depth stories on the technical aspects of the delivery of Ceremonies resulting in some really great coverage;

The Telegraph – London 2012: How the might of the industrial revolution was created on stage

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