What we can do for you

Realising the technical potential of large scale projects can be daunting

We help make the process easier

You may come to us to deliver a new live event end to end, or to help in technically co-ordinating disparate elements of a production to realize a creative narrative.

We’ll always dovetail with the assets you already have – sophisticated production systems, or just an inspiring concept. We offer production service solutions for any part of, or the whole project.

Artistic and Concept Design Phase

Roger Waters

We are used to working with small teams in the early stages of your project.

We will support and help develop ideas with a firm focus on trying things out by building models and experimenting.


Wonder Works ‘developing and doing’ expertise brings an extensive pool of knowledge.

Depending on the needs of each individual project, we can recruit both locally and internationally an extensive network of individuals, contractors and suppliers who separately represent the very best in their respective fields.

Technical Design, Specification, Budget and Schedule

We have pioneered many of the production techniques used in today’s large scale events including our own bespoke document archiving software and CAD standards.

We have put together CAD teams around the world specialising in 3d modelling and fabrication.

Our specification documents are based on many years of practical event experience – we include the obvious but also include detailed environmental and performance criteria alongside our knowledge of state of the art motion control systems.

We have managed production budgets and schedules for the largest shows in the world and have been trusted to manage technical budgets of tens of millions. We keep a firm focus on the detail whatever the budget ensuring that costs are managed tightly and not extravagantly.

Site Planning, Health & Safety, Risks and Licensing

Planning and Site Services

We understand the need to plan a site in detail with our focus not only on the front of house technical aspects but also on the practical needs of performers and crew – we won’t forget the catering and toilets.

Health and Safety and the Risk Register

We have been at the forefront of event safety management on large scale events working alongside the health and safety executive in the UK and around the world.

We ensure that all team members understand and ‘own’ each risk and back this up with site specific inductions and briefing sessions.


We work regularly with licensing authorities to ensure that productions meet and regularly exceed all local and national standards.

Sustainability and Legacy

London 2012 Opening Ceremony


We have taken sustainability to the heart of our business and were awarded with a “sustainability ambassador’ award for our work on the London 2012 Ceremonies.

Sustainability is not only about the practical (reduce, reuse, recycle) but also about the way we value and treat people.

We find that by actively engaging with our suppliers and teams on the major issues of sustainability we can make a real difference in our use of materials, energy and to the lives of people involved in events.


We are used to working on projects that are planned to leave local communities and businesses with a lasting legacy.

We always try and engage local resources where ever possible.

We invite groups to supplier workshops where we educate them on the event and project and how they might get involved.

Media and Stakeholder Management

We have worked on some of the most high profile events in the world, with intense media interest and speculation. This means that we understand the need for confidentiality in the way that we work and always treat members of the media with respect and professionalism. We understand the importance of engaging with all stakeholders including local government agencies, health and safety and all aspects of licensing.

We will work with you to educate stakeholders to ensure a successful outcome for the production.

Tendering, RFP’s and Value Engineering

We’ve worked on projects that use public funding and have the highest levels of accountability.

We work with the procurement and finance teams to ensure that suppliers are treated in a fair and transparent process.

We understand the need to value engineer a project but still achieve the same overall result and will work together with suppliers and designers to ensure success.

Rehearsals and show

Our background and passion is live events – we understand the importance of an active presence on site during the rehearsal period and times leading up to the first show. We will support and guide you through the rehearsal process culminating in the show.

We will bring key issues to your attention and work with the whole production to find collaborative solutions.

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