Flower Power – Hyde Park


Wonder Works delivered real ‘flower power’ in Hyde Park seen in a stunning image of 250,000 spinning flowers for the ‘Enough Food for Everyone’ IF Campaign. Measuring 75m wide x 50m high a cooking pot tableau featured over two million petals representing the two million children who each year due to hunger – lives that could be saved if world leaders took action at the G8 summit, hosted by the UK. Working closely alongside producer Catherine Ugwu, designer Misty Buckley and installation manager Steve Boyd, Wonder Works completed the technical design and sourcing of the quarter of a million flowers. Wonder Works production managers Kate Smith and James Breward managed the site and technology, whilst Sally-Ann Dod managed the crew and health & safety. The fantastic Peter Collins from LDS marked out over 700 points in record time working to Wonder Works provided survey data. The entire installation was planted in just 24 hours. As a fully sustainable project it was vital that the flowers be ethically sourced and manufactured. After a period of intense research, considering suppliers from across the globe, we were delighted to place the order with CHX Products in the UK. The spinning flowers were made from recycled and bio-degradable plastic (Enviroplas), whilst the petals were made from FSC sourced card. The majority of the plastic used was then recycled, and returned to CHX Products to be used again. We also supplied the time-lapse photography, and network technology to allow the worlds’ media to have access to images and video. Our clients achieved excellent multi – channel media coverage featuring the image and key messages of the campaign.

To view a time lapse click here: Enough Food for Everyone – IF – time lapse