Roger Waters This Is Not A Drill

Roger Waters This Is Not A Drill, Cred: Kate Izor
Roger Waters



Rock ‘n’ roll royalty, Roger Waters kicked off his 2022 ‘This Is Not A Drill Tour’ on Wednesday 7th July at PPG Paints Arena, Pittsburgh. Touted by Waters as his ‘first farewell tour’, the 78 year old rocker performs new songs as well as classics from Pink Floyd’s golden era across North America and Canada from July to October.

Having worked with Sean Evans (creative director), Pryderi Baskerville (lighting designer), Chris Kansy (production manager), Andrew Zweck (agent) and TAIT on Roger Waters’ blockbuster 2017 tour, ‘Us+ Them’, it was an honour to be reunited with the team again.

Since his departure from Pink Floyd in 1983, Roger Waters has become known for his immersive eye-popping visuals on tour. In 2017 this took the form of a vast end-on LED screen, which was developed to meet a massive 45m wide roll-drop video projection wall. For ‘This is Not a Drill’, Roger & Sean wanted to push this idea of visual storytelling even further to create a truly immersive experience. The solution? For the first time in history, Roger Waters was to perform in-the-round, but not as we know it. Instead of a cylindrical stage, the show features a rectangular central stage with runways extending from each side, creating a cross. Above the stage is a cross shaped LED screen which mirrors the form of the stage. The screen presents 12 surfaces, enabling the audience to view video content wherever they are in the arena.

With the huge 650 square metre LED screen, audio and lighting all suspended from the roof, this ‘heavy’ rig required a lot of advance planning. The first task when designing this show was carrying out a detailed weight study. Not only is the LED screen particularly large, but as it’s an in-the-round show, there is three times as much audio, lighting and video, compared to an end-on show. The biggest challenge for the Wonder Works team was designing a system that would work across every venue throughout the four month tour.

As well as the cross-shaped screen, the show also features 16 lasers that form giant triangles surrounding the entire length of the LED screen above the stage, unrivalled surround sound audio, and Pink Floyd’s famous giant inflatable pig, all of which work as a canvas for Roger Waters’ outspoken narrative against politics and war. Jeremy Lloyd, co-director, Wonder Works:

“After a two-year pandemic delay, it is great to finally see this ground-breaking show on tour. We spent months working on the technical design and load studies, planning how to tour this sizeable show across so many venues and it’s a relief to see it working and wowing fans across North America.”

Rogers Waters plays his final show in Mexico City on the 15th October 2022, delivering what tmakworld describes as “the aural-visual journey we expect from the greatest showman of the classic rock generation”.


Sean Evans – Creative Director, Pryderi Baskerville – Lighting Director, Icarus Wilson-Wright – Video Director, Jon Lemon – Sound Engineer, Chris Kansy – Production Manager, Jesse Thayer – Stage Manager, Dave ‘Dash’ Rowe – Head Rigger, Niles Anderson – Head Carpenter, Doug Sager – Automation Crew Chief, Jeff Stearns – Audio Crew Chief, David George – Lighting Crew Chief, Nathan Barnier – Video Crew Chief, Eric Baum – Laser Crew Chief, Tait – Set Construction and Automation, Upstaging – Lighting, Clair Global – Audio, Universal Pixels – Video, Smoking Boots – Props, Nimbus Dirigibles – Inflatables, Strictly FX – Lasers, Kinetic Lights – Automated Masts