Cred: Kate Izor
Roger Waters



On 24 October 2023, Roger Waters kicked off the final leg of his This Is Not A Drill tour at Brasilia Arena BRB in Brasil. Taking place in 13 stadiums across South America between October and December 2023, the open air concerts follow on from Waters’ legendary European leg, which featured our giant cross-shaped stage and state-of-the-art visuals.

The aim of the stadium tour was to replicate Water’s immersive arena show, but for an end-on stadium show. Working with the same trusted team, which included Sean Evans (creative director), Pryderi Baskerville (lighting designer), Icarus Wilson-Wright (video director) and Chris Kansy (production manager), Wonder Works was responsible for the Production and Technical Design of this highly anticipated renewed format.

With video content being such a huge part of the arena tour, we knew that the show required a large LED screen canvas, suitably scaled for a stadium. We settled on four 10m x 10m LED screens that were strategically rigged with gaps between them to allow space for PA and lighting. The gap between the screens changed for each stadium, which meant Wonder Works had to do an overlay of the production for each of the 13 venues in order to detail the rigging and screen content.

Although the screens were separate, the wide format meant that they could be treated as one continuous canvas for storytelling, which added drama and visual appeal. This worked particularly well when recreating the iconic prismatic spectrum effect, which featured a rainbow across the screens as well as 36 lasers that shot out into the audience and another 9 lasers to create the three prisms.

No Roger Waters tour would be complete without giant inflatable animals and for South America the team went bigger and better. Featuring a 30 foot long pig with illuminated eyes and a 35 foot long sheep, both animals were illuminated with automated lighting fixtures which were manually operated by crew on the ground. A new concept for this tour, Neg Earth made custom handles for the lighting fixtures so that the crew could follow the inflatable animals around the stadium. Jeremy Lloyd said:

“It’s an honour to have helped recreate such a successful show with a renewed stadium format for South America. Although the set list, the political message and the visual identity stayed the same, the show itself has taken on a life of its own and I’m excited to see what’s next.”

Touted by Roger Waters as his “first farewell tour”, This Is Not A Drill South America ends on 9th December in Quito, Ecuador.


Sean Evans – Creative Director, Pryderi Baskerville – Lighting Director, Icarus Wilson-Wright – Video Director, Sean ‘Sully’ Sullivan – Sound Engineer, Chris Kansy – Production Manager, Eric ‘Ski’ Piontkowski – Production Manager, Nick Evans – Site Coordinator, Jesse Thayer – Stage Manager, Dave ‘Dash’ Rowe – Head Rigger, David Hall – Head Carpenter, Sean Jacobs – Inflatables, Wayne Hall – Audio Systems Engineers, Ellie Clement – Media Server Programmer, Blaine Dracup – Lighting Crew Chief, Nathan Barnier – Video Crew Chief, Vince Lopez – Laser Crew Chief, WowAxis – Set Construction, Neg Earth Lights – Lighting and Automation, Clair Global – Audio, Universal Pixels – Video, Nimbus Dirigibles – Inflatables, Strictly FX – Lasers and Pyrotechnics, ShowTex – Banners and kabukis