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Roger Waters
Roger Waters

Roger Waters – Us+ Them Tour 2017 (Production and Technical Design)

When Roger Waters  promised Rolling Stone News his new Us+ Them 2017 world tour would “be spectacular like all my shows have been” it meant Wonder Works’ production and technical design had a high benchmark to meet.

However, the challenges were quickly obvious. The scale of shows developed for outside gigs in 2016 wouldn’t fit in the 100 plus indoor venues planned for this tour, and Sean Evans (creative director) also envisioned a fully immersive experience. It was back to the drawing board.

The team, including Roger, Sean, Pryderi Baskerville (lighting designer), Richard Turner (video director), Chris Kansy (production manager), Andrew Zweck (tour director) and key supplier TAIT went for a feat of ingenuity to show-case the tour’s production visuals.

A vast end-on LED screen was developed to meet a massive 45m wide roll-drop video projection wall. This gradually unfurls over the heads of the audience in the center of the arena and then disappears again at the end of the segment. Even cheaper seats feel close to the stage.

Jeremy Lloyd, Wonder Works Director, commented,

It was a case of melding our collective creative ideas to come up with some technical innovation. It’s rare to hang so much equipment out over the audience. Historically it has been done, but nothing quite like this. We’ve studied every single venue and we adjust as required. We couldn’t have done this with the outside gigs, so it’s just as thrilling, but in a completely different way.

Audiences agreed. As  The Mercury News reports,

sound is only part of the story when it comes to any proper journey into the Pink Floyd songbook. It’s also about the visuals, which this tour delivers in breathtaking fashion.

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