MCG Audio System Installation


Wonder Works were asked by Auditoria to help design a method to install a new loudspeaker system in the Melbourne Cricket Ground.  The Club wanted to put the fans first in a major investment that would involve installation of 3,500 loudspeakers.  There were to be numerous arrays of differing configurations around the stadium.

Auditoria’s remit from the MCG was to use the early design process to make the system the best it could possibly be and if necessary, make alterations if the structure of the roof or budget were to put constraints on that.

There were initially as many as a dozen possibilities that Wonder Works helped to whittle down to two leading contenders, and then helped to finalise the design once the client had chosen the system that they were happiest with.

Once the design had been settled on, we created Animations and Modelled the venue in 3d with the audio system.  The sun path was mapped so that an accurate representation of shadows could be shown relevant to the time of day, and the client could enjoy the vantage points of fly throughs.

We oversaw the preliminary structural engineering and calculations, putting together a package of drawings and documentation to tender the system.

We reviewed the tender responses and the final designs ahead of the installation of the system that is now able to deliver a phenomenal audio experience for the fans in this iconic venue.