Kynren – an Epic Tale of England

Eleven Arches

Event Consultancy

Piers Shepperd (Wonder Works director) and the Wonder Works operations consultancy team were thrilled to be involved with the Eleven Arches Trusts’ regeneration plans for a deprived region of north east England. The centre piece being Kynren – An Epic Tale of England the UK’s largest live event since the 2012 Olympic Ceremonies.

The teams’ sweeping vision of a nightly audience of 8,000 watching 2,000 years of British history complete with ships, a steam train, spectacular water effects and a cast of 1,000 volunteers was sensational, but also a major operational challenge. How would fire safety and evacuation, arrival sequencing and security, waste management and medical support work in practice?

Following strategic event planning input, Wonder Works spent almost a year working seamlessly between the UK event regulatory authorities (Durham County Council, National Health Service, Fire Service, & Northumbria Police), the French production company (unused to U.K. Construction Design and Management Regulations) and the principal contractor to deliver a safe and smooth running event. Piers, commented,

Ensuring the end-to-end experience was of the highest quality for every member of the audience wasn’t easy, particularly given the production had never happened before in a venue that didn’t exist previously. We did a lot of support and education to help the team go beyond the theory to what would happen on a day-to-day practical level.