Britannia Row Audio Touring Dollies

Britannia Row Productions

Britannia Row and a Marginal Gains Approach to Touring Audio


It’s not just winning Olympic sports teams who believe in improving every part of a delivery process to achieve success. Through Wonder Works’ help Britannia Row Productions have made their own ‘marginal gain’. Their audio equipment is now more easily and cheaply toured due to a ground-breaking Wonder Works re-design of the classic touring dolly.


Traditionally, large venue audio equipment travels in multiple flight cases taking up valuable floor space – they’re not easily stacked. To solve this issue Wonder Works have designed, fabricated, and certified for rigging, a large, flexible three-module dolly capable of housing everything audio. A large arena system can now be run from two three-module dollies.

Jeremy Lloyd, Wonder Works director, commented. “Brit Row, or their clients, can just wheel in two dollies with everything in them, plug in one power supply in the bottom along with the data cables and signal cable, and that’s it. They’re set. You can even fly them and hang speakers below. It’s fantastically fast to load-in and out.”


The super maneuverable and robust unit will fit trucks, sea containers and air freight. It’s hardly surprising Brit Row have already made multiple follow-on orders and seen Pink, The Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Royal Blood, Harry Styles, and Noel Gallagher use them on recent tours.  In-fact its exactly the kind of solution the Wonder Works team would choose for their own projects.  As Jeremy comments, “with over 50 years combined live-event experience between Piers and I, we like to think we can help a range of suppliers and manufacturers design and deliver products to make all our lives easier.”