Rebecca Lee

Production Coordinator

Rebecca is an ambitious, dedicated, and enthusiastic individual with a rich background in Modern Ballet and contemporary dance. With a natural affinity for figures and logic, Rebecca has acquired notable certificates in account administration and resourcing while dedicating over 9 years to the world of dance.

Rebecca’s experience as a professional dancer provides her with a unique insight into live production. Her time on stage has honed her organisational skills, self-motivation, adaptability, and quick thinking abilities. Having been a performer herself, Rebecca can anticipate potential challenges from a production standpoint, making her a valuable asset to the team.

Rebecca’s journey into the production industry began as a freelance Show Production Assistant for Wonder Works during the Galway 2020 – European Capital of Culture Opening Ceremony. Working both in London and in her hometown of Galway, she excelled in artist liaison, purchase order management, and show logistics. Impressed by her work, Wonder Works later enlisted Rebecca as a freelance Production Assistant for Dubai Expo 2020, where she leveraged her diverse skill set to contribute to the success of the event.

More recently, Rebecca has embraced the role of Freelance Event Coordinator, collaborating with esteemed companies such as The Big Smoke Events in London, Meetmax Games in New York, and GoTo Events in the UK. She excels in coordinating team-building events both in physical office spaces and online platforms for businesses worldwide.

When she’s not immersed in the world of production, Rebecca dedicates her time to teaching and dance performance. Her passion for dance remains a constant source of inspiration and motivation, complementing her role in the production industry.