Rolling Stones #NoFilter

TDF Productions

Wonder Works are thrilled to have delivered technical design and co-ordination for the Rolling Stones 2017 ‘No Filter’ European tour. The main brief being a clean-lined super sharp unmistakable Rolling Stones ‘look’.

Production manager Dale ‘Opie’ Skjerseth engaged Wonder Works director Jeremy Lloyd and team to be the link organisation between the creative team, led by creative director Patrick Woodroffe and production design team Stufish Entertainment Architects.

Wonder Works collaborated with a wide range of specialist staging companies (including Stageco Group, WIcreations, Neg Earth Lights, and Solotech to design and develop the extraordinary set. This encompassed a cantilevered transparent roof, four vast 22m high LED video screens and bespoke LED edge lighting running along the entire stage rim.

Although the design was challenging; raw metal work wasn’t to be made visible, Wonder Works relished meshing a particularly high-quality group of suppliers and freelancers. Jeremy Lloyd, Wonder Works director, commented.

All around it was a great collaboration. We didn’t spend a lot of time in meetings. A lot of it is about trust and knowing what can be done in the time. Because I know these people I know what we can do.

The proof is obviously in ‘the eating’. The band were reportedly happy and the management pleased the stage went together easily, has toured well (with inside and outside venues) and has needed no changes.