Rammstein – 2019 European Tour

Photo credit - MHVogel.de

stepping into the fire for Rammstein’s 2019 European tour


Wonder Works were delighted to be approached by lighting experts and long standing collaborators, Woodroffe Bassett Design and Weider Design to help design Rammstein’s 2019 European Stadium Tour. The German shock rockers are known for their truly spectacular live performances, with unparalleled pyrotechnics and unforgettable light shows, so of course we were excited to take on the challenge. But with just 5 months until the band’s first gig, it was all hands on deck from the start. James McMahon at The Guardian wrote:

“Tonight’s stage set is extraordinary – part end-of-days Mad Maxesque megastructure, part Mordor’s Mount Doom. Pyrotechnics take place not just on stage but around the arena. There’s so much fire, in fact, that were aliens planning an invasion via Milton Keynes they’d likely see the flames being bellowed into the sky and beat a hasty retreat”

After several meetings with the band members and their production team, we were able to take the initial renders and develop a detailed design by creating a 3D model in CAD. It was important during this process to integrate the scenic elements with lighting, special effects, audio, video, stage, and automation. We then worked closely with production manager, Nicolai Sabottka and each of his department heads, along with the tour suppliers to help coordinate the design and build, resulting in a truly synergised performance. Jeremy Lloyd, Wonder Works’ Director comments:

“As technical production partners, it was our job to co-ordinate the design of every element of the production from building the 36.5m tower to integrating the pyrotechnics on stage. Thanks to an incredible team of collaborators we were able to create a mind blowing live experience for Rammstein’s die-hard fans.”

To help the band plan their high octane performance, we were also tasked with building a physical 1:50 scale model of the stage set-up. We used our in-house 3D Printers to produce the individual components of the set design, and then constructed a model for them to interact with ahead of the tour.

The stage mega-structure took a team of 400 people around 65 hours to build for each and every gig, which can be seen in the incredible time-lapse video below. Unfortunately Rammstein’s 2020 tour had to be postponed due to COVID-19 but they will be back at it again in 2021 with the same mind-blowing performance and stage design.

Rammstein Europe Stadium Tour – Time Lapse