Veracruz Opening Ceremony

Vuela Corp

Wonder Works recently travelled down to Veracruz in Mexico to watch the Opening Ceremony of the Central American and Caribbean Games.

The show was an amazing collaboration between international and Mexican excellence to deliver a production that put it on a level with Olympic Ceremonies.
It was well rehearsed, cohesive and most importantly emotional. The audience connected in a way that is rare for these large scale Stadium shows.

It proved that Mexico’s culture is not only alive and beating but also prepared publicly to ask for tolerance and peace. This show had a purpose beyond just welcoming the athletes to Veracruz and it was all
the better for it.

Full credit to the heads of department Dave Williams (Technical Director), Donna McMahon (Operations Director), Mike Foley (Head of Production), Roy Yen (Producer), Isadora Oseguera-Pizaña (Associate Producer) and Chris Laue (Executive Producer) who have led their hard working teams with a spirit of cooperation and education in delivering the vision of Alejandra Gonzalez Anaya (Artistic Director), Anabel Cantú (Associate Creative Director and Director of Choreography) and Carlos Navarrete-Patino (Production Designer).

Wonder Works assisted the team in the early stages of the shows development, undertaking technical feasibility studies, providing 2d and 3d CAD drawings and producing tender packages.