Singapore National Day Parade

ShowTex Hong Kong

Technical Design and Co-ordination

​Usually it takes decades to build a city. However, ShowTex Hong Kong, had just 12 weeks to deliver a vast 44m diameter, 35 m high Sky City for the 2016 Singapore National Day Parade. Luckily there was just time to get Wonder Works involved in some creation.

The key requirements for Sky City were easy transportation (in and out of the stadium), a low weight, and for it to truly wow the audience. In response, Jeremy Lloyd (Wonder Works director) and the Wonder Works design team developed the complex internal framework to support the futuristic city scape of 15 individually bespoke superstructures, including 5 existing landmarks. Each building weighed no more than 400kg, was just 70cm high and could be stored in giant carts; easy to push quietly into position.

The next challenge was raising the city.

Andy Bailey, Wonder Works Technical Designer, commented,

At first, to help the fabricators see where each building went and in which order, we developed a 1:1 paper print that sat on the floor. When it came to deployment each building had 30 guide strings attached to a circular frame which the volunteer cast could easily clip onto a rigging line for it to be winched up in sequence. That helped a lot. 

It certainly did. The Sky City buildings were ‘magically’ built in minutes with the audience marveling at the huge edifice as it rose. The illusion was created of a mega city appearing on stage over the heads of the performers.

To view the parade please click: Singapore National Day Parade 2016